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Cosmetic PET preform
The diameter of the daily chemical bottle preform is 18/410, 20/410, 28/410, and the existing weight is 8g-30g. The bottle preform is widely used in all kinds of daily chemical products. In terms of production technology, we adopt new raw materials, and reduce dust and magazines generated in the heating process through centralized drying and feeding mode. So that the production of the bottle embryo transparency is high, less black spots, the quality of the bottle embryo testing in strict accordance with the national standards, is the customer to buy rest assured, with peace of mind.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd. is famous China Cosmetic PET preforms Manufacturers and custom Cosmetic PET preforms factory, located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. We are one of the largest domestic companies specializing in manufacturing various PET preforms, PET bottles and moulds. We have advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and comprehensive control of the whole process of product quality, so our products fully comply with international standards. Our main product is custom Cosmetic PET preforms.
It can be used to blow into a series of bottles such as mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, candy jars, etc. In addition, we also produce handles, handles and lids that match the caliber of the bottle embryos. Our products are mainly exported to more than ten countries such as the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. If the product needs to be customized, we can develop new molds for you. Our job is to meet the needs of different customers.
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More information about Cosmetic PET preform
What is the difference between cosmetic PET preforms and oil bottle PET preforms?
Cosmetic PET preforms are plastic preforms specially designed for the manufacture of cosmetic bottles and containers. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a popular choice for cosmetic packaging due to its light weight, transparency and shatter-resistant properties.
While cosmetic PET preforms and oil PET preforms share some similarities in the manufacturing process, there are some key differences between them:
1. Shape and size: Cosmetic PET preforms are designed to meet the needs of specific cosmetics, which often require more complex shapes and designs. In contrast, oil bottle PET preforms are designed to fit standard bottle shapes and sizes used for oil packaging.
2. Bottleneck: The bottleneck of the PET preform is the threaded part where the preform is connected to the cap. PET preforms for cosmetics often require different necks to suit specific types of cosmetic caps, such as pumps, sprayers and flip caps, while PET preforms for oil bottles often have a standard 28mm neck.
3. Surface treatment: Cosmetic PET preforms may have unique surface treatments such as glossy or matte to enhance the appearance of the final product. In contrast, PET preforms for oil bottles typically have a smooth surface with no special finish.
4. Color: Cosmetic PET preforms are usually produced in various colors to match cosmetic brands, while oil bottle PET preforms are usually transparent or translucent.
5. Uses: Cosmetic preforms are used for the packaging of shampoo, lotion, perfume and other cosmetics, and oil bottle preforms are used for the packaging of various oils such as edible oil, engine oil and lubricating oil.
To sum up, the difference between cosmetic PET preforms and oil bottle PET preforms in terms of shape and size, neck, surface finish, color and application reflects the different requirements of cosmetic and oil packaging industries.

What shapes can cosmetic PET preforms take?
Cosmetic PET preforms can take a variety of shapes depending on the desired design and functionality of the final cosmetic product. Some common shapes of cosmetic PET preforms include:
1. Round shape: Round shape is the most common cosmetic PET preform, suitable for most cosmetic products, such as shampoo, lotion and conditioner. Round shape for easy labeling and branding.
2. Oval shape: Oval shaped cosmetic PET preforms are usually used for body wash, lotion and other bath products. The elongated shape provides a sleek and elegant look, making it ideal for high-end cosmetic brands.
3. Square: Square cosmetic PET preforms are usually used for packaging cosmetics, such as perfume and other fragrances. The square shape provides a stable base for the bottle to stand upright, making it suitable for shelf display.
4. Rectangular: Rectangular cosmetic PET preforms are also used in perfumes, especially men's cologne. The rectangular appearance gives a masculine look, which is suitable for brand promotion targeting male consumers.
5. Customized shapes: In addition to standard shapes, cosmetic PET preforms can also be designed into custom shapes to suit the brand and function of a specific cosmetic product. These can include unique shapes such as triangles or hexagons.
In general, cosmetic PET preforms can be designed into various shapes to meet the needs of different cosmetics, from simple and practical to unique and eye-catching.