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28mmPCO1810 pet preform is a type commonly used in the world, and this type of bottle mouth is widely used in mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles. Our current weight ranges from 11g-56g, which can meet the requirements of 250ml-2.5L and other bottle types and capacities. In terms of production technology, we adopt new raw materials, through the centralized drying and feeding mode. Reduce the dust and magazines produced in the heating process, the production process is highly mechanized, so that the production of the bottle embryo transparency is high, less black spots, the quality of the bottle embryo testing in strict accordance with the national standards, is the customer to buy the rest assured, with peace of mind.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd. is famous China 28mm PCO1810 pet Preforms Manufacturers and custom 28mm PCO1810 pet Preforms factory, located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. We are one of the largest domestic companies specializing in manufacturing various PET preforms, PET bottles and moulds. We have advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and comprehensive control of the whole process of product quality, so our products fully comply with international standards. Our main product is custom 28mm PCO1810 pet Preforms.
It can be used to blow into a series of bottles such as mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, candy jars, etc. In addition, we also produce handles, handles and lids that match the caliber of the bottle embryos. Our products are mainly exported to more than ten countries such as the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. If the product needs to be customized, we can develop new molds for you. Our job is to meet the needs of different customers.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

More information about 28mm PCO1810 pet Preform
What are the characteristics of the 28mm PCO1810 pet preform?
1. Size: The neck diameter of the preform is 28mm, which is the standard size for many beverage bottles.
2. Weight: A 28mm PCO1810 PET preform typically weighs between 16 and 25 grams, depending on the application.
3. Design: The preform has a special design, which can be easily blown into the shape of the bottle. It is usually made of clear or colored PET resin, a strong and lightweight plastic material.
4. Compatibility: Preforms are designed to be compatible with PCO1810 caps, a commonly used cap for many beverage bottles.
5. Production: Preforms are produced using an injection molding process that involves melting and injecting PET resin into a mold to form the preform shape.
Overall, the 28mm PCO1810 PET preform is a popular choice for beverage bottlers due to its durability, compatibility with common closures, and ease of use during bottle manufacturing.

Where is the 28mm PCO1810 pet preform suitable?
1. Carbonated Soft Drinks: 28 mm PCO1810 PET preform is especially suitable for carbonated soft drinks because it is strong and can withstand the pressure generated by carbonation.
2. Mineral water: PET preforms are lightweight and not fragile, so they are also suitable for bottled mineral water.
3. Juice: 28mm PCO1810 PET preform is also suitable for bottling juice because it can protect the product from light and oxygen and avoid product spoilage.
4. Sports drinks: Since PET preforms are durable and lightweight, they are also suitable for packaging sports drinks.
5. Alcoholic beverages: 28mm PCO1810 PET preforms can also be used to package alcoholic beverages such as beer and cider.
Overall, the 28mm PCO1810 PET preform is a versatile packaging option that can be used in a variety of beverage applications. Its strength, durability and light weight make it the preferred choice of beverage manufacturers.

What is the difference between 28mm PCO1810 pet preform colors?
Product application and brand requirements. Here are some key differences in PET preform colors:
1. Transparent: Clear PET preforms are transparent, making it easy to see what's in the bottle. This is often the first choice for products such as mineral water or clear soft drinks.
2. Colored: Colored PET preforms are used when a brand requires a specific color. Colors can be solid or translucent and can be customized to meet specific branding requirements for the product.
3. Opaque: Opaque PET preforms are used for bottles that need to be protected from light, such as certain juices or dairy products.
4. Coloring: Colored PET preforms are used to give slight color to the bottle, which can be used to enhance the appearance of the product or to differentiate it from other similar products in the market.
Overall, the color of the 28mm PCO1810 PET preform is an important consideration when selecting the correct preform for a particular application. Clear, colored, opaque and colored PET preforms all have their own unique characteristics and advantages, and the choice of color will depend on the specific requirements of the product and the manufacturer's preference.