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5-gallon PET preform
The diameter of five-gallon pet preform is 55mm, and the bottle mouth is used internationally. The existing weight ranges from 350g-800g, and the pet preform is widely used in 3-gallon and 5-gallon mineral water drums of 10L-20L and super large capacity. In terms of production technology, we adopt new raw materials, and reduce dust and magazines generated during heating through centralized drying and feeding mode. The production process is highly mechanized, so that the production of the bottle embryo transparency is high, less black spots, the quality of the bottle embryo testing in strict accordance with the national standards, is the customer to buy rest assured, with peace of mind.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd. is famous China 5-gallon PET Preforms Manufacturers and custom 5-gallon PET preforms factory, located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. We are one of the largest domestic companies specializing in manufacturing various PET preforms, PET bottles and moulds. We have advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and comprehensive control of the whole process of product quality, so our products fully comply with international standards. Our main product is custom 5-gallon PET preforms.
It can be used to blow into a series of bottles such as mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, candy jars, etc. In addition, we also produce handles, handles and lids that match the caliber of the bottle embryos. Our products are mainly exported to more than ten countries such as the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. If the product needs to be customized, we can develop new molds for you. Our job is to meet the needs of different customers.
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More information about 5-gallon PET preform
Where is 5-gallon PET Preform usually used?
5 gallon PET preform is a large size preform used to make 5 gallon PET bottles (also known as 19 liter bottles). These bottles are commonly used to store and transport water and other beverages, as well as certain industrial chemicals.
The 5 gallon PET preforms are usually designed with a large neck of approximately 55mm for easy filling and dispensing of the contents. The preform is then blown into a bottle using a blow molding machine that stretches and expands the preform into the final bottle shape.

What are the design features of 5-gallon PET Preform?
The 5 Gallon PET Preforms are designed with specific features that make them suitable for the manufacture of 5 Gallon PET bottles. Some common design features of 5 gallon PET preforms include:
1. Large neck opening: 5 gallon PET preforms usually have a large neck opening of about 55 mm for easy filling and dispensing of contents. The large neck finish also allows for a variety of closure options.
2. Thick Walls: 5 gallon PET preforms have thicker walls than smaller PET preforms, giving extra strength and durability to the final bottle. This helps prevent the bottle from cracking or cracking due to the weight and pressure of the liquid inside.
3. Handle grip area: 5 gallon PET preforms are designed with a handle grip area for easy lifting and carrying of the finished bottle. These gripping areas are usually located on opposite sides of the preform and are shaped to feel comfortable in the hand.
4. Ribs and Patterns: To provide extra strength and stability to the final bottle, 5 gallon PET preforms may have ribs or patterns on the sides. These ribs and patterns are strategically placed to reinforce the bottle walls and prevent deformation.
5. Compatibility with blow molding machines: 5 gallon PET preforms are designed to be compatible with specific blow molding machines, ensuring that the preforms can be easily and efficiently blown into the final bottle shape.
Overall, the design features of a 5 gallon PET preform are critical to the successful manufacture of a 5 gallon PET bottle. By carefully considering the application and the specific requirements of the end user, manufacturers can create prefabricated parts optimized for their intended use.