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Taizhou Jilian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jilian Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. We are one of the largest domestic companies specializing in manufacturing various PET preforms, PET bottles and moulds. We have advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and comprehensive control of the whole process of product quality, so our products fully comply with international standards. Our main product is PET preforms

It can be used to blow into a series of bottles such as mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, candy jars, etc. In addition, we also produce handles, handles and lids that match the caliber of the bottle embryos. Our products are mainly exported to more than ten countries such as the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. If the product needs to be customized, we can develop new molds for you. Our job is to meet the needs of different customers.

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Our Factory

We have a professional technical team, advanced equipment, and excellent product quality.

Company Advantages

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  • Stable product quality

    The company strictly implements procedures such as screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, incoming material testing, and incoming material comparison; production process design and program control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and obtain efficient production control; strictly follow the supply The quality control of each batch of products is carried out according to the indicators of the manufacturer.

  • The product cost performance and high gold content

    The company's superior geographical location and capable management team, reduce transportation and labor costs; Reduce production costs by strictly controlling purchasing costs and implementing efficient production control; Professional team and technical service team, can continue to provide more cost-effective new products.

  • Continuous and reliable product supply

    The company has sufficient production capacity and a high degree of control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, which lays the foundation for continuous production. The company's complete ERP system, reasonable distribution of sales and storage network and efficient operation mechanism, to ensure that domestic orders after 24 hours of delivery, foreign trade orders after a week of delivery.