• Why Do You Choose Chinese Pet Bottle Preforms

    19 Aug 2018

    As Chinese pet bottle preforms are becoming more and more popular in the world market, more and more customers will choose to buy Chinese pet bottle preforms. And Chinese pet bottle preform manufacturers have also seen their own growing market develo...

  • Blowing Moulding Machine Faces Challenges In The Market

    18 Aug 2018

    In the context of such a large market, what new changes will be ushered in for blow molding machine manufacturers? The blow molding machine will be gradually abandoned by the market. With the dirty market in the downstream market, low-end companies h...

  • Cleaning Skills Of Blow Molding Machine

    17 Aug 2018

    Blow molding machines are usually used to make hollow plastic bottles or utensils. If you want the blow molding machine to have a good working efficiency, besides doing a good job of supervision and inspection during the work, the cleaning function a...

  • Jilian Mold From Pet Preform Concept To Product

    13 Aug 2018

    Once people have good ideas and ideas, it is very rare, and it is very difficult to turn good ideas into products. When you have innovative and practical pet preform molds in your mind, it is a difficult step to actually take action. But if you can f...

  • Global Pet Preform Industry Transferred To China

    10 Aug 2018

    Industries that rely on the labor force, such as the pet preform industry, are constantly shifting to some Asian countries, and China is one of the countries most affected by foreign investment and choice. The development of pet preforms in China is ...

  • China's Pet Preform Production Increased

    10 Aug 2018

    In the packaging of food or beverages, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is very suitable for use. Whether it is carbonated drinks, juice, oil or even alcohol, PET is better for packaging these products. s Choice. At the same time, the demand for pet ...

  • Pet Bottle Preforms Are Harmless To The Human Body

    10 Aug 2018

    As plastic bottles become more and more common around us, consumers may not be very comfortable with plastics, but after years of development, "through testing of almost all health and safety institutions around the world." And for 30 years of approv...

  • Jilian Produces High Quality 5 Gallon Pet Preforms

    10 Aug 2018

    Bottled pure water is essential in our lives, so the demand for 5-gallon Pet Preform is constantly increasing. Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional pet preform design and R&D enterprise. We have professional equipment and constantly learn the i...

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