• Automation Is Essential For Pet Preform Molding

    07 Oct 2018

    Today's pet preform manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and there is a clear trend of automation, which not only reduces the cost of human error, but also improves the labor and other components of the energy process. Automated technology is ...

  • Some Details To Make Pet Blowing Machine With High Efficiency

    06 Oct 2018

     In order to ensure that the pet blowing machine achieves a good processing effect, we must pay attention to a lot of operating specifications when using it. Only paying attention to these can ensure good requirements in the application, so it is ver...

  • Development of high quality Pet Preform

    05 Oct 2018

    At the end of the 30th century, the Pet material was discovered by chemists in the process of exploring new textile fibers. Later in 1941 ICI PET was invented by stretching a thin extruded sheet in two directions. In the subsequent history and proces...

  • Jilian Plastics expects to be the best in Pet Preform

    04 Oct 2018

    Jilian Plastics has always relied on its own professionalism and dedication to provide high-quality Pet Preform and satisfactory services to our customers. We also hope to become the best in the pre-forming industry in the future and become the peers...

  • Pet Preform Defects And Their Prevention

    03 Oct 2018

    In the process of making Pet Preform , even operators with experience and knowledge are inevitable. There are many reasons for defects in preforms, standard process tolerances, differences between batches of materials, changes in machine calibration ...

  • Things To Consider When Making A Pet Preform Mold

    02 Oct 2018

    The time for the manufacture of pet preforms mold is not fixed. Make a detailed general guide before the start of the process, taking into account all the requirements, budgets and available personnel factors you have stated so that you can plan your...

  • Pet Blowing Machine Processing Temperature Is Very Important

    01 Oct 2018

    Processing plastic bottles with pet blowing machine, this is a common processing project in plastic processing. So where are the important points to pay attention to in this processing? What I want to tell you is temperature. The temperature is cruci...

  • Automatic Pet Blowing Machine Working Principle

    18 Sep 2018

    When pet blowing machine starts to blow the bottle, the high-pressure gas in the bottle enters the recovery gas storage pipe 6 through the one-way valve 12 through the exhaust pipe of the three-way valve 10, and the pet blowing machine is operated fo...

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