Working Principle and Composition of Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine

Update:28 Feb 2018

Bottle blowing moulding machine includes blanking syste […]

Bottle blowing moulding machine includes blanking systems, heating systems, blowing systems, auxiliary equipment and control systems.

The blank feeding system is a system for arranging PET bottles from disorderly to orderly arrangement and movement. The preform falls into the guide rail from the hopper under the action of a hoisting machine. Due to the shape of the preform itself, the tail end of the blank , The head down, and slide forward under their own gravity, part of the preform failed to fall into the rail under the action of the device to kick through the recovery conveyor back to the hopper. In this way, the remaining preforms in the guide rails are arranged in an orderly manner and enter the heating system under their own gravity.

The role of the heating system: preform heating, making it easy to pressure plasticity. Heating system consists of lamp, reflector, blowing device, cooling device and so on. In the oven, the far-infrared lamp heats the preform radiantly. Due to the presence of the reflective sheet, the preform is heated at the same time on both sides of the preform, and the preform moves forward at the same time so as to make the heating more uniform. The blower in the oven heats the system to a uniform temperature in the oven. The function of the cooling device is to cool the bottle mouth to make the bottle mouth size stable. To get a good product, heating this process is very important, to ensure that the heating temperature is appropriate, the preform heated evenly. If the temperature is too high, the bottle may appear coking, white fog, too thin or even rupture; temperature is too low, it may lead to partial accumulation of bottles, white or even rupture. If the temperature is not uniform, it may cause the bottle deformation or even rupture.

Bottle blowing moulding machine system mainly consists of stretching device, pre-blowing device, blowing device, exhaust device. The preform is mechanically stretched under the action of the stretching bar, while pre-blowing while stretching to make the bottle take on the shape of the bottle and then blow the bottle, and finally the exhaust gas is taken out of the bottle. Pre-blowing the main role is to make the material evenly distributed, easy to blow, the shape of the pre-blowing directly determines the blow molding process is difficult and the bottle performance is good or bad, the normal pre-blowing shape of the spindle.

Control system consists of PLC, contactor relay system, industrial computer and application software. Industrial computer control PLC, then by the PLC control contactor relay system, and finally by the contactor relay system to drive the corresponding actuator.

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