The Production Process of Plastic Cap

Update:30 Jul 2018

The suction machine sucks the mixed material into the b […]

The suction machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the injection molding machine, heats it into the mold cavity in the barrel, injects it into the mold cavity, cools and shapes the mold in the cavity, and then cuts the ring and cushions. Finish the production of plastic caps.


The production process of compression molding cap is:

The suction machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the compression molding machine, and after heating in the barrel to the semi-melt plasticizing state, it is quantitatively extruded into the mold cavity, and the upper and lower molds are clamped, compression molded and cooled to shape and take off. The mold is then cut and padded to complete the production of compression molded caps.


The plastic cap needs to heat the material to the molten flow state, the temperature is about 250℃; the compression molding only needs to be heated to about 180℃, and the energy consumption of the injection molding cover is higher than that of the injection molding cover. The compression molding processing temperature is low, the shrinkage amount is small, and the cover size is relatively accurate. Filling all the cavities once at the time of injection molding, and extruding one cap material at a time. The compression molding extrusion pressure is small, and the pressure required for injection molding is relatively high.


The injection mold is large in volume, and the replacement of a single cavity is troublesome; each cavity of the compression molding is relatively independent and can be replaced separately; compression molding capping machine is a special capping machine, there is a stripping design specifically for the cap; the capping injection molding machine basically has no special design for the cap, so the compression cap can be made into a bell mouth, and the capping rate is high. , users like to use.

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