The Development Speed of Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Update:03 Dec 2018

The pet blowing machine is a machine for blowing bottle […]

The pet blowing machine is a machine for blowing bottles. It uses some plastic materials to make plastic bottles or reprocess some used plastic bottles to produce new clean plastic bottles. With the continuous development of China's beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, and even in recent years, there has been a burst of momentum, and the pet blowing machine has also undergone a leap-forward development.


Plastic hollow containers are widely used in medicine, daily chemicals and food industries due to their advantages of light weight, low cost and high safety. They have attracted more manufacturers to choose a pet blowing machine to replace the previous bottle making tools. The extrusion hollow pet blowing machine is a fast-developing and perfect pet blowing machine, especially the development of a small squeeze blown hollow blow molding machine. Star Bell's multi-layer co-extruded hollow pet blowing machine is such a very promising hollow pet blowing machine with a product volume of 30ml~30Liters and up to 6 layers.


With the increasing proportion of multi-layer high-barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products, multi-layer pet blowing machine not only develop rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also in chemical and cosmetic and medical and other industrial packaging. It also grew rapidly. Thus, the development of the bottle blower stems from its excellent characteristics and will surely reach its peak here in the next few years.

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