The Biggest Feature Of Jilian Blowing Moulding Machine

Update:29 Apr 2019

The blowing moulding machine designed and manufactured […]

The blowing moulding machine designed and manufactured by Jilian Plastic is suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, etc. Our bottle blowing machine has a short preheating time, uniform heating, fast and reliable, and ensures the ideal heating effect of the preform. After the preform is heated for one cycle, the temperature is adjusted according to the bottle forming needs. To give a specific introduction, the biggest features of our blowing moulding machine:
• The drying tunnel and the blowing platform are separated, which shortens the time for mold opening, increases the blowing speed and increases the output.
• Compact designs saves space, reduces investment costs and increases competitiveness.
• Automatic conveyor system.
• Advanced PLC control system, lightweight and simple control panel.
• Independent and simple linear operation system.
• Unique heating system, accurate temperature control, and easy adjustment.
• Unique airs storage unit.
• The cool system achieves the desired cool effect.
• Each action is driven by a cylinder instead of an oil pump, no pollution

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