Reasons For Shortage Of Plastic Cap

Update:11 Mar 2019

Bottle cap mold, as its name implies, is the mold for m […]

Bottle cap mold, as its name implies, is the mold for making bottle caps. With the development of our country's economy, the demand for plastic molds is getting higher and higher, but problems will occur in the process of bottle cap processing. Let's introduce the reasons why plastic caps are short of materials in processing.

First of all, let's understand what is called material shortage. Material shortage refers to the phenomenon that the shape of a part does not conform to the design because the cavity of the mold is not filled properly in the plastic processing process.

1. Equipment measures. There are many technological factors leading to the shortage of plastic parts, among which the most important reason is the three factors of small filling pressure, short injection time and low mold temperature. When the filling pressure is small, the injection molding machine will lead to a lack of pressure in the mold cavity during injection molding, plastic is difficult to fill the entire mold cavity, and then parts are short of materials. Short injection time will also lead to incomplete filling of plastic into the cavity, resulting in part shortage; Low mold temperature will accelerate the solidification of plastic and reduce the mobility of liquid, which will also lead to plastic not filling the entire cavity and forming material shortage.

2. Equipment reasons. The first are the nozzle part, which is usually blocked by the nozzle. The general method are to arrange the nozzle to handle it. Leakage of glue from the nozzle will also lead to a material shortage, and nozzle replacement is generally required for such failures.

3. The reason for mold. Generally, it is formed due to poor exhaust inside the mold, because the air accumulated in the mold cavity cannot be exhausted, resulting in a lack of plastic filling quantity, which will lead to a shortage of materials. The adopted method is to reduce the filling speed of plastic or add corresponding exhaust holes on the mold. Because the warm current channel is blocked or the activity is unbalanced, the plastic melt activity is not smooth and the part is short of material. Generally, the adopted method is to improve the temperature of the hot runner corresponding to the short material product and use exquisite and clean materials.

The above is the analysis of the reason why Jilian plastic mold will be short of materials during the production and processing of plastic caps. We are a plastic and pet product design and manufacturer with rich experience in China. If you want to know more about this aspect of information, please pay attention to us. We will bring you more relevant details of the future.

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