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Update:25 Mar 2019

Plastic cap molds are plastic cap molds that we often u […]

Plastic cap molds are plastic cap molds that we often use. The planning of plastic cap molds is related to the use of caps. The shape of the caps also has many problems. Let's take a look at some of the tips of the cap mold factory for cap molds.
(1) The number of cavities of the plastic cap mold and the method of placement:
As for the bottle cap, which is often used in packaging containers, it is required to be produced in large quantities. It is more suitable to use a multi-cavity form. Now we are considering the clamping force and the amount of injection of the injection molding machine. The element of accuracy and economy between the cover of the mold parts is generally determined to be a cavity of 10. The placement method of the cavity is an one-line arrangement.
(2) Planning of the pouring system in the plastic cap mold:
The planning of the pouring system in the plastic bottle cap mold is mainly based on the structure of the plastic part, and the planning of the mold is mainly planned as a three-plate type point gate, and the position of the gate in the center of the top part of the plastic part is Point gates can significantly improve the shear rate of the melt, and the viscosity of the melt is greatly reduced, which is very useful for filling the mold. It is very useful for the melt which is sensitive to the shear rate of PE. The plastic parts are used as packaging containers. The quality requirements for the appearance are very high. The residual traces of the de-gates are relatively small, and the surface quality of the plastic parts can be guaranteed. It will take the initiative to pull off, it is very convenient to complete the process of product production and automation, thus improving the production power, and increasing the economic power. The system used for the right and wrong balance pouring, the placement of the cavities is very compact. Moreover, the size of the molds can be reduced, so that each cavity can be balanced and overflowed.
(3) A cool system of plastic cap mold:
The cool system of the plastic cap mold is very important, and the adjustment of the mold temperature directly affects the quality of the manufactured product and the power produced.

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