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Update:10 Jul 2018

A new type of efficient and environment-friendly rice p […]

A new type of efficient and environment-friendly rice processing equipment. The rice can be grinded into white rice at once, and the large crushed rice is crushed. The crusher can be used independently. In addition to crushing fine choppers, small rubber roller huskers can also process and crush various feeds. The stone removal machine can also be used independently for the cleaning of various beans and grains.

Household rubber roller husker set to clean up stone, cereal, rice, rice classification, crushing, dust in one. Practical, economical, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, this equipment is not only suitable for self-employed farmers processing small batches of rice, but also can be processed to the market for sales of goods.

Automatic rubber roller husker adopts new type of suction cleaning stone removal machine (cleaning effect is better) and perfect dust removal device. The operating environment is cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more advanced than traditional rubber roller husker. It is relatively perfect in the current market. Medium and small grain processing equipment.

Rubber roller husker has a small investment, high efficiency, long life, low rice temperature, less broken rice, multi-purpose, easy operation and maintenance, and is equipped with powder dust collection device, thereby reducing environmental pollution, making the work site clean, small rubber roller husker is a process forming grain processing equipment (rice milled into white rice), and can also be used as a matching plastic mortar machine (white rice is pulverized into brown rice).

This machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, light in weight and easy to install. Convenient operation and maintenance, household rubber roller huskers are widely used in cities, farms, towns, rural areas, individual households, grain stations, and other grain processing plants. They are equipped with diesel engines and can also be used in rural mobile processing plants. Automatic rubber roller huskers Once processed into the most ideal white rice, the finished product is light and crystal clear. The rice temperature is low, the broken rice is less, the rice bran is completely separated, and there is no rough twist and power saving.

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