PET Bottle Inspection

Update:08 Feb 2019

PET bottles are widely used in polyester (PET) as a raw […]

PET bottles are widely used in polyester (PET) as a raw material, and after adding a corresponding organic solvent, being heated at a high temperature, the PET material container is blow molded, or injection molded by a PET preform mold. Mainly used in liquid or solid disposable packaging containers for beverages, food, pickles, honey, etc. PET bottles are characterized by being difficult to break, low cost, high transparency, and food grade raw materials.

For every manufacturer of PET bottles, if we want our PET bottles to be loved and trusted by consumers, we must test them in advance to ensure that the products are no problem and then hand them over to the customers. The Jianlian mold will the pre-delivery PET bottle inspection project.

1. Barrier performance: organic gas passage rate, high and low-temperature gas permeability of packaging film, oxygen transmission rate, carbon dioxide gas transmission rate, nitrogen permeability, air permeability, and the like;

2, mechanical properties: tensile strength and elongation, peel strength, heat sealing strength, impact strength, tear strength, friction coefficient, resistance to cooking test, packaging sealing performance;

3, hygienic performance: solvent residue, phthalate plasticizer, heavy metal content, compatibility, potassium permanganate consumption, etc;

4. Buffering performance of cushioning material: static pressure, dynamic impact, vibration transmission rate.

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