• The Development of Blowing Moulding Machine in China

    12 Mar 2018

    With the continuous expansion of the food industry, beverage packaging industry and other industries have also grown, which also stimulated the development of the blowing moulding machine industry. At present, there are three major problems in the bl...

  • Main Equipment Features of Blowing Moulding Machine

    06 Mar 2018

    With the development of people's science and technology and the progress of human society, most of the products people use in their daily life are made by using different machines and equipment, which can not only effectively increase work efficiency...

  • Working Principle and Composition of Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine

    28 Feb 2018

    Bottle blowing moulding machine includes blanking systems, heating systems, blowing systems, auxiliary equipment and control systems. The blank feeding system is a system for arranging PET bottles from disorderly to orderly arrangement and movement. ...

  • The Working Process of Blow Molding Machine

    13 Feb 2018

    At present, most bottle blow molding machine are still two-step blow molding machines, that is, the plastic raw materials must be made into preforms and then blown. Now commonly used is PET material of environmentally friendly plastic. Collectively r...

  • Molding Method Of The Pet Bottle Mould

    05 Feb 2018

    Blow molding is a manufacturing process that allows the formation of hollow plastic parts. Use air pressure to fill the cavity with soft plastic. Blow molding technology comes from the glass industry, competing with plastic in the disposable and recy...

  • The Particulars Of The Pet Perform Mould

    29 Jan 2018

    Did you know the pet perform mould that really helps in pet stretching? Basically pet stretch forming process is about the manufacture or development of hollow objects. Thermoplastic materials are basically used in this process. Our goal in pet stret...

  • Steel Dynamics to Acquire Vulcan Threaded Products to Expand Finishing

    04 Aug 2016

    "During 2015, we identified the pursuit of higher-margin downstream business opportunities that utilize our steel products in their manufacturing processes, as one of our target growth objectives," stated Mark D. Millett, President and Chief Executiv...

  • Ditch the threaded rod in your RepRap 3D printer and upgrade to a lead screw z-axis

    04 Aug 2016

    provided 3D printable files and a detailed walkthrough for upgrading the Z-axis of a Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer with a lead screw. Not for the first time and certainly not for the last, it would seem that a round of applause is due for aninanimate ro...

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