Maintenance Knowledge Of Pet Bottle Mould

Update:16 Aug 2019

The PET bottle production factory needs to use some mou […]

The PET bottle production factory needs to use some moulds when making products. The quality of these moulds has a great influence on the quality of PET products. Therefore, we should do a good job of the maintenance of the pet bottle moulds at ordinary times to produce better products.
One is appearance maintenance: paint shall be applied to the outside of the die to prevent rusting. When the die is lowered, the fixed die and the movable die shall be coated with antitrust oil, and the dead shall be closed tightly to prevent dust from entering the cavity. There is also daily maintenance: all kinds of moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide pillar, guide sleeve oiling, mold surface cleaning, water transportation drain, etc. And the last one is regular maintenance, including cleaning the exhaust slot in addition to routine maintenance, adding exhaust to the trapped gas-burning black position, correcting the damaged and worn parts, etc.
The maintenance of the pet bottles mold is very important to the product. It can be said that mold maintenance is more important than the mold maintenance. Therefore, when you use the pet bottle mold, you must also do a good job of related maintenance, to effectively prolong the service life of the product.

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