Main Equipment Features of Blowing Moulding Machine

Update:06 Mar 2018

With the development of people's science and technology […]

With the development of people's science and technology and the progress of human society, most of the products people use in their daily life are made by using different machines and equipment, which can not only effectively increase work efficiency and time, but also save labor Operation time, and some products can not be completed and carried out by hand, therefore, the use of machinery and equipment has brought convenience to people's life, especially the use of blow moulding machine, blow moulding machine is mainly used for bottle blowing machine equipment, plastic granules or liquid can be used in the machinery and equipment through certain means of blow molding the bottle people need, making simple, convenient.

So, the specific steps of the bottle blowing machine is mainly: When operating the bottle blowing machine should first be placed in the preform container preform container, and then in the machine through the delivery device will automatically come into position according to preform embryo automatic positioning Device, and then the mouth of the bottle upwards, loaded into the preform holder into bake Road; after heating, the preform will be sent to the blowing platform for clamping, after a low pressure, high pressure blow Pull and then remove the gas, the last mold, people can from the blowing platform will shape the bottle off.

In our life, the use of plastic bottles is very large, not only when we drink plastic bottles, but also in other industries and fields. Plastic containers are not only used, but also plastic containers. Light weight, easy to carry and widely used by people, these plastic containers are blow molded using blow moulding machines mainly by using plastic granules or preformed embryos, A certain technological means to blow the shape of the bottles people need, so that they can be widely used in people's lives or other areas.

Plastic hollow containers have always been a product that people use very much, not only because plastics have the advantages of low cost, high safety and many others often choose plastic containers instead of glass containers for different uses The product. Blowing Moulding Machine is mainly the use of oil-free airbag clamping technology to produce plastic bottles and plastic containers, etc., not only clamping force, and the elbow to work less force, long service life, but also the use of the patented technology out of the seal, so that Plastic containers have more good sealing performance.

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