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Update:10 Aug 2018

Bottled pure water is essential in our lives, so the de […]

Bottled pure water is essential in our lives, so the demand for 5-gallon Pet Preform is constantly increasing. Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional pet preform design and R&D enterprise. We have professional equipment and constantly learn the international advanced plastic production methods to improve our production level and ensure that we can bring it to every customer. Come to be satisfied.

Injection molded non-spill polyethylene snap caps are produced on fully automated machines and assembly lines and are not subject to manual influence. The lid is designed to fit almost any refillable 5 gallon PC and PET bottle 55 mm neck

The main functions of the 5gal Cap:

Overflow seal between the lid and the sealing area of the bottle
Completely tear propagation along the notch while breaking the evidence of tampering
Top-level labels are easy to fix
Cooler-friendly central seal opening when loading on the cooler

The plastic bottles produced from our 5 gallon pet preforms have a more stylish look and feel, making your bottled water more attractive to consumers in the market, allowing you to make more profit.

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