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Update:17 Oct 2018

Jilian Plastics has accumulated rich professional knowl […]

Jilian Plastics has accumulated rich professional knowledge in the development of pet preform parts for many years and has become the authority in the Chinese pet preform parts industry. We provide our customers around the world with quality, high-volume, and affordable preformed bottles that are invaluable in the industry.
Over the years, we have accumulated skilled technology and unique insights in the design and production of preforms. We are always in the customer's point of view, committed to product innovation and development, so as to better meet the needs of customers. Through strong strength and guaranteed product quality, our customers are spread all over the world.
We know that manufacturing quality products is the most important task, so we carry out strict quality inspections in all aspects of product design and production. Our professional team of experts plays an important role in product quality assurance. Whether in the product design or in the production process, professional personnel play the most important role. Our durable HDPE cans, durable clamshell tops, pet preforms, pet bottles are regularly inspected and tested for total quality to detect problem areas. It helps us eliminate defects and low quality characteristics in our product range.
In addition to the guarantee of software facilities, our company also has very advanced production equipment, using competitive products and advanced tools and equipment. With these two guarantees, we can ensure the smooth progress of the entire production process. Only to ensure that consumers bring products that meet their needs.

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