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Update:09 Feb 2019

Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Jilian Plastic Mould is a pro […]

Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional manufacturer of various blowing molds, perform molds, and hollow to blow molds. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the principle of honest service and quality priority, making full use of our technological advantages and professional talents, constantly innovating and improving, enjoying high reputation for the industry and receiving the support and love of our customers.

PET blows molding bottles can be divided into two categories, one is a pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with carbonated beverages, and the other is a pressureless bottle, such as a bottle filled with water, tea, edible oil, and the like. The tea beverage bottle is a modified PET bottle blended with polyethylene naphthalic (PEN) or a composite bottle of PET and thermoplastic poly acrylate. It is classified into a heated bottle and can be heat resistant to 85°C or higher; Cold bottles do not require heat resistance.

In the pre-blowing stage of the pet preform, the inside of the parison is jetted into the prison to protect the embryo and reduce its vertical extension. At this stage, the main process parameters affecting the wall thickness distribution are pre-blowing pressure and pre-blowing time. The high-pressure blown stage of the embryonic high-pressure blowing stage is pressed for the mold cavity to realize the plastic molding stage of the product. At this stage, the shape of the product is affected by the high-pressure inflation deformation and the contact between the preform and the cavity. The main process parameters affecting the wall thickness distribution are material shrinkage rate; blowing pressure, time; mold material, structure, mold to exhaust system and mold cool system, such as cool water channel distribution, cool water inlet temperature. Although there are many factors affecting the quality of blow molded products, when the production conditions and product requirements is determined, adjusting the blow molding process parameters can effectively improve the quality of the products. Optimized process parameters can increase production efficiency, reduce raw material consumption, and optimize product performance.

Jilian Plastics has always insisted on learning advanced technology at home and abroad, so that our pet preform mold can always be at the forefront of the industry, and also give our brands more vitality!

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