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Update:03 Feb 2019

Hollow to blow molding machine, referred to as a blow m […]

Hollow to blow molding machine, referred to as a blow molding machine, is a rapidly developing plastic processing machine. Because it can quickly blow hollow products of PET and other materials, it has been widely praised by major companies. Next, there will be a Jilian mold to introduce the principle and structure of the blow molding machine for everyone. Only by having a deeper understanding of the equipment can we improve the efficiency in daily operation.

First, the principle of a hollow blow molding machine

After the blow molding machine sprays the liquid plastic, the wind is blown out by the machine, and the plastic body is blown to the cavity of a certain shape. The plastic blank is placed in the split mold, and the mold is placed in the prison immediately after the mold is closed. The compressed air is introduced to inflate the plastic parison and adhere to the inner wall of the mold and is cool and released to obtain various hollow products. Commonly used for blowing hollow products such as PET and other materials, such as barrels, drums, beer storage containers, tool boxes, lampshades, etc.

Second, the structural composition of the hollow blow molding machine

The hollow blow molding machine is mainly composed of the extrude, head, hydraulic system, clamping system, electrical control system, inflation system, automatic clamping and so on. The basic structure is mainly composed of two parts: the power part and the heating part. The power part is mainly composed of a frequency converter and a power output motor and is the main working component for energy transmission and wind output. The heating part is composed of an electromagnetic heater and a bracket part, which can be used to heat the plastic which needs to be blown by the wind to maintain its long-term softening characteristics.

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