Injection Molding Technology For Lightweight Preforms

Update:27 May 2019

1, the clamping unit Optimize the design of the clampin […]

1, the clamping unit

Optimize the design of the clamping unit to achieve faster action: a 5-point diagonal hinge design optimized by cooperation with South China University of Technology, which has good motion and mechanical properties; using finite element analysis to increase The rigidity and deflection of the template, and optimize the structural unit, improve the speed of movement, increase the stability, make it more suitable for the special injection molding system of PET preforms; adopt professional stencil design, with rib design, make force More uniform, and the deformation of the template is smaller; the design of the wide tie rod spacing enables the mold to accommodate more mold cavities; the full-closed control system, the mold clamping and opening and closing system use the MOOG servo valve to control the servo cylinder, The control is more precise and the operation is more stable; the ejector system with auxiliary ejection helps to provide greater ejection force. A 360t device has an open cycle time of only 1.8s and a low voltage protection performance.

2, low-pressure mold system

The low pressure mold system can detect the change of the resistance on the template, and accurately determine whether there is any foreign matter in the mold, and at the same time judge whether the presence of foreign matter is not affected by the moving speed of the template, and even if the template is at a higher speed. It can still be judged accurately when moving. From judging the presence of foreign objects to stopping the movement of the template, this time should be very short, theoretically 10 ms, and actually no more than 15 ms. The low-pressure mold is also faster than other conventional equipment, which can effectively shorten the clamping time and the empty cycle.

3. Injection unit

A company has adopted an advanced two-stage injection method for the special molding process conditions of the PET preform system. This injection method separately controls the plasticization and injection of the PET raw material, which not only improves the plasticizing efficiency of the screw and the precision of the injection, shortens the molding cycle, but also effectively reduces the AA value. The use of the plunger design allows for more control over the amount of injection. The special PET screw is used to configure the high-torque plasticizing motor to realize the plasticization of the raw material, which can meet the plasticizing process requirements and improve the plasticizing efficiency of the screw. In addition, the unit can also monitor the temperature of the discharge port, and its pneumatic gate valve also has a discharge function.

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