• Pet Blowing Machine Processing Temperature Is Very Important

    01 Oct 2018

    Processing plastic bottles with pet blowing machine, this is a common processing project in plastic processing. So where are the important points to pay attention to in this processing? What I want to tell you is temperature. The temperature is cruci...

  • Automatic Pet Blowing Machine Working Principle

    18 Sep 2018

    When pet blowing machine starts to blow the bottle, the high-pressure gas in the bottle enters the recovery gas storage pipe 6 through the one-way valve 12 through the exhaust pipe of the three-way valve 10, and the pet blowing machine is operated fo...

  • How To Designing A Pet Preform Mold

    10 Sep 2018

    Prior to the production of the entire pet preform, the related design work is also very important, good design work can reduce the cost of production afterwards, while improving the efficiency of production. Today we will discuss in detail how to des...

  • The Temperature Problem of the Blowing Moulding Machine

    03 Sep 2018

    When operating a hollow blowing molding machine, you must pay attention to some temperature control to ensure the production of a suitable plastic bottle.   Melting temperature TM: For a crystalline polymer, the temperature at which a three-dime...

  • Injection Molding Process And Blow Molding Machine

    27 Aug 2018

    The blowing molding machine can plasticize the preformed product by heating, and then enter the mold to blow mold. This method is mainly used for the production of high-speed and high-yield PET bottles and BOPP bottles, that is, two-step process; blo...

  • How To Purchase Reliable Chinese Handle Manufacturers

    20 Aug 2018

    Manufacturers play a very important role in the industrial chain. If you don't choose a reliable manufacturer, it will have a significant impact on the production or sales of your products. A reliable manufacturer is your closest partner, helping you...

  • Why Do You Choose Chinese Pet Bottle Preforms

    19 Aug 2018

    As Chinese pet bottle preforms are becoming more and more popular in the world market, more and more customers will choose to buy Chinese pet bottle preforms. And Chinese pet bottle preform manufacturers have also seen their own growing market develo...

  • Blowing Moulding Machine Faces Challenges In The Market

    18 Aug 2018

    In the context of such a large market, what new changes will be ushered in for blow molding machine manufacturers? The blow molding machine will be gradually abandoned by the market. With the dirty market in the downstream market, low-end companies h...

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