• Development Of Precision Pet Preform Mould Enterprises In Internet Era

    15 Apr 2019

    Mobile network marketing will play a key role in the future development of traditional industries. With the help of location service, Mobile marketing has made the marketing effect more accurate, with more obvious advantages and more prominent effect...

  • Detection And Importance Of The Tightness Of Plastic Cap

    08 Apr 2019

    The plastic cap are only part of the sealed container, however, its sealing performance is very important. Here we analyze the reason and importance of the sealing performance of the cap. The barrier properties of standard packaging materials will di...

  • Blowing Moulding Machine Operating Specifications

    01 Apr 2019

    The pet bottles in the market now have a variety of styles. The production of various pet bottles is inseparable from the blowing moulding machine. For the operation of the blowing moulding machinechine, it also needs certain specifications. How many...

  • Plastic Cap Molds To Design

    25 Mar 2019

    Plastic cap molds are plastic cap molds that we often use. The planning of plastic cap molds is related to the use of caps. The shape of the caps also has many problems. Let's take a look at some of the tips of the cap mold factory for cap molds. (1)...

  • How Does The Pet Blowing Machine Work?

    18 Mar 2019

    The pet material is melted and quantitatively extruded in a screw extrude, and then formed into a dough film, and then cool by a wind ring, and then pulled by a tractor at a certain speed, and the winter winds it into a roll. Advanced production equi...

  • Reasons For Shortage Of Plastic Cap

    11 Mar 2019

    Bottle cap mold, as its name implies, is the mold for making bottle caps. With the development of our country's economy, the demand for plastic molds is getting higher and higher, but problems will occur in the process of bottle cap processing. Let's...

  • How To Sterilize Plastic Caps

    05 Mar 2019

    After the reform and opening up, the development of China's beverage industry is very rapid. The category of beverage has developed from carbonated beverage to pure water, fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice beverage, and functional beverage. Beve...

  • Hollow Blowing Moulding Machine Injection Design Process

    27 Feb 2019

    Most hollow blowing moulding machine injection molds is designed with several separate cool zones. The neck and the bottom need to discharge the most heat, and cool plays a challenging and important role in the design of the injection mold of the hol...

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