Improve The Packaging And Temperament Of Pet Bottles

Update:22 Jul 2019

Now, the market demand for glass bottles is greatly squ […]

Now, the market demand for glass bottles is greatly squeezed. One reason for this is the rise of the high-end packaging market, which tends to use PET packaging. Because to some extent, glass bottles the appearance of the temperament are far less than PET bottles. Therefore, PET bottle manufacturers should pay more attention to the temperament of the bottle and highlight the special characteristics.

First of all, PET bottle packaging is widely used in the field of cosmetics. One reason is that its appearance is comparable to glass bottles, it can be as transparent as glass bottles, and it is more durable and durable.

Secondly, in the process of additional process of various PET bottles, some PET bottles are characterized by some characteristics of a glass bottle package. PET bottles such as matte are packaged so that the PET bottle package looks similar to a glass bottle. There are many such technologies, and there are many to explore for our merchants.

Finally, their temperament is a viable way to improve the temperament of the PET bottle itself. For example, some health care products use metal-covered PET bottles, and PET bottles and chic designs, so that PET bottles can greatly improve the overall temperament.

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