How To Store Pet Preforms

Update:21 Aug 2019

  We are familiar with the products produced by PET pre […]

  We are familiar with the products produced by PET preform manufacturers, and we also have a very wide range of uses of our lives, such as bottles of beverages around you. So how should it was stored is better.

  Because the raw material of the PET preforms is PET, the PET product is easily affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight, causing aging and the like. What's more, it is made from disposable raw materials. If it is used improperly, it will cause harmful substances and affect human health. Proper storage should be in a dry environment and avoid exposure to the sun. There is also the effect of avoiding high temperatures on it, and many materials can be deformed by high temperatures.

  We should also pay attention to the use of PET preforms, although it is easy to use, but also pay attention to its scope of use, such as can not be used to hold food, etc., to avoid deterioration.

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