How To Sterilize Plastic Caps

Update:05 Mar 2019

After the reform and opening up, the development of Chi […]

After the reform and opening up, the development of China's beverage industry is very rapid. The category of beverage has developed from carbonated beverage to pure water, fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice beverage, and functional beverage. Beverage filling methods has also developed from cold filling to hot filling, medium temperature filling, aseptic cold filling, etc. Packaging methods also ranges from pure glass bottles to pop cans, PET bottles, etc. For different products and different packaging methods, it is also very important to dispose of the destruction of plastic caps. Today, Jillian plastic mold will introduce how plastic bottle caps are sterilized in the production process.

First, ultraviolet rays kill tiny organisms that cause pathogens. After being mapped by ultraviolet light, amino acids and nuclei acids are borrowed from ultraviolet spectrum energy, which will cause amino acids to change gender and cause life-threatening substances to lose their lives.

In beverage filling production equipment, capping machines transport caps of capping machines or capping machines.

The upper part of the storage bin of the cap conveyor or the upper part of the conveyor belt are provided with an ultraviolet light lamp tube for killing germs. The bottle cap receives ultraviolet light mapping in the process of being transported, and the place where the ultraviolet light maps can achieve a better effect of killing germs.

Due to the poor light transmittance of the plastic cover, ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the plastic cover to reach the other side of the plastic cover.

Therefore, the plastic cover can only partially kill bacteria, and the appearance of killing bacteria is random. In order to kill bacteria on the outer surface of the plastic bottle cap, in particular, ultraviolet rays is irradiated to the capping machine or the slideway on the plastic cover of the capping machine to kill the bacteria lamp, and the plastic bottle cap has been packaged in the same direction. One side with the ultraviolet spectrum is the side where the plastic bottle cap contacts the beverage. This test tube is used to increase the killing effect of bacteria.

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