How To Solve The Problem Of Pet Bottle Deformation

Update:02 Sep 2019

The pet bottle is a kind of container with high rigidit […]

The pet bottle is a kind of container with high rigidity and beautiful appearance, which can be applied for different occupations. The common shape of the pet bottle is round, square, oval, etc. From the application point of view, each has its advantages. According to different application needs, choose different shapes of pet bottles.

The pet bottle has a uniform wall thickness, and the printing surface should be flat. The liquid pet bottle needs to have a reinforcing structure such as a handle and a groove. In the production process, to avoid deformation, some methods is needed to solve the problem.

1. Deformation due to hot filling: Fill as much as possible at normal temperature. For arrival, use extended circulation transfer pipe or add cool equipment to avoid this phenomenon.

2, due to weight loss caused by deformation: the use of different isolation effect material pet bottle, to achieve excellent insulation, to reduce deformation and other phenomena.

In general, pet bottles are widely used in different occupations, as a mainstream packaging method, and are popular with shopping malls. It has an important influence on the packaging mall.

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