How To Designing A Pet Preform Mold

Update:10 Sep 2018

Prior to the production of the entire pet preform, the […]

Prior to the production of the entire pet preform, the related design work is also very important, good design work can reduce the cost of production afterwards, while improving the efficiency of production. Today we will discuss in detail how to design a pet preform mold. What are the specific steps?
1, to specifically understand the characteristics of the product and the needs of customers, do a more comprehensive preparation, and develop a more reasonable plan.
2. After determining the solution, the next step is to determine the appropriate manufacturing process, molding technology, and cavity and core.
3, once the above steps are determined, the next step is to define the parting surface, which directly affects the gate line of the subsequent products and the complexity of the production.
4, according to the specific product quantity and product characteristics to determine the cavity
5. Determine the flow path and the way the polymer is introduced according to the characteristics of the product and the layout of the mold.
6, then according to the product is also determined to determine the position of the blade.
7, determine where the ejector is placed
8, determine the location of the cold water channel
9. After determining the above points, determine the size of the core and the cavity.
10, the final decision is the size of the mold base, it is best to choose a standard mold base, which is very important for the production of high-precision size mold.
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