How Plastic Blowing Moulding Machine Works II

Update:26 Nov 2018

Pet blowing machine Control plan. The automatic wind ri […]

Pet blowing machine Control plan. The automatic wind ring is an online real-time control system. The system is controlled by several motors distributed on the wind ring. The cooling airflow sent by the fan is distributed to each air channel through the constant pressure of the air ring air chamber, and the motor drives the valve to open and close to adjust the size of the air outlet and the air volume, and change the cooling effect of the film blank at the die discharge. Therefore, the thickness of the film is controlled.


From the control process, there is no clear relationship between the thickness variation of the film and the amount of motor control. The thickness and thickness of the film and the different positions of the valve vary nonlinearly with the control amount, and each valve is adjusted. The influence on the adjacent points is very large, and the adjustment has hysteresis, so that the different moments are related to each other. For this highly nonlinear, strong coupling, time-varying and control uncertainty system, the exact mathematical model is almost impossible. Establishing, even if the mathematical model can be established, it is very complicated and difficult to solve, so that there is no practical value, and the traditional control has better control effect on the determined control model, but the control effect is very poor for highly nonlinear, uncertain, and complex feedback information. Even powerless. In view of this we have chosen the fuzzy control algorithm. At the same time, the method of changing the fuzzy quantization factor is adopted to better adapt to the change of system parameters.

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