How Is The Plastic Cap Mould Market In China Now?

Update:05 Feb 2019

Plastic cap molds manufacturers often use multiple cavi […]

Plastic cap molds manufacturers often use multiple cavities to make products in order to meet the needs of mass production. With the development and popularization of hot runner manufacturing technology, the quality of modern plastic caps has been greatly improved, so customers can obtain more cost-effective plastic caps at a lower cost.

Plastic cap molds to differ from household molds in that they have high requirements on the dimensions of the mold, especially in functional areas, such as the area of ​​the flap strip, even with a tolerance of 0.01 mm. Experienced technical teams know ahead of time which areas need to be tightly controlled to avoid errors or rework. Of course, this is related to tool equipment. Considering that in this respect, CNC machine tools now have more and more precise dimensional control, so the quality of the mold can be better controlled.

More and more plastic cap mold factories are set up in China, the price becomes very intense and transparent, but remember, the market always follows the rule that "you will get the price you pay", the price of plastic cap mold is not It will be too exaggerated, otherwise the quality of the product will not be guaranteed.

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