Hollow Blowing Moulding Machine Injection Design Process

Update:27 Feb 2019

Most hollow blowing moulding machine injection molds is […]

Most hollow blowing moulding machine injection molds is designed with several separate cool zones. The neck and the bottom need to discharge the most heat, and cool plays a challenging and important role in the design of the injection mold of the hollow blowing moulding machine. Drilled cool lines are installed where cool is most needed, and for better production control, the most efficient cool is required.

Therefore, the cavity is usually machine-cut, and the copper alloy injection mold also has high to heat transfer and good corrosion resistance. However, the material used to make the injection mold must have high thermal conductivity and sufficient cutting edge strength.

Due to the good processing performance of this machine. The cost is high, the price is expensive, and because its proportion is three times that of aluminum, the wear on the molding machine may be serious. Steel alloy injection molds are easy to repair by welding or mosaic.

Because the strength and hardness of cast aluminum can not meet the requirements of cutting edge cutting edge, the thermal conductivity of cast aluminum injection mold are worse than that of cutting aluminum injection mold. The cutting mouth of the cavity usually needs copper alloy or stainless steel inlay.

The operating hole and shoulder area are inlaid with copper alloy or stainless steel, and the bottom and neck are also inlaid with these two kinds of metal inlays. The casting injection mold can also be made of cast copper alloy. It is easier to cast the steel cavity, and the cavity and the bottom plate are poured. In a certain size, due to the lack of strength of the Kirk alloy to cut the plastic, because of the pressure or gravity casting, these cavities have many fine parts produced by steel master or ceramic injection molds.

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