Heating Methods for the Plastic Blowing Molding Machine

Update:02 Jan 2019

There are many heating methods for the plastic blowing  […]

There are many heating methods for the plastic blowing molding machine, and the resistance heating method and the electric induction heating method are used. Cast aluminum sleeve heaters are the most widely used in resistance heating.


The cast aluminum sleeve heater is made by placing the resistance wire in a metal tube, filling the tube with a magnesium oxide insulating material, and then casting the metal tube into the aluminum alloy sleeve.


In the cast aluminum sleeve heater, the structure of the electric resistance wire heater is insulated by magnesium oxide powder in the steel pipe, and has good sealing performance and can prevent oxidation; the aluminum alloy sleeve has a large contact area with the heating surface of the barrel and has good thermal conductivity. Therefore, such a resistance heater is used for heating by most injection machine barrels.


The structure of the electric induction heater is such that the outer circumference of the screw barrel is equipped with a coil, and the outer surface of the coil is provided with a magnetic silicon steel sheet. When the coil is connected to an alternating current, the silicon steel sheet and the screw barrel form a closed magnetic circuit, and the alternating magnetic flux induction barrel is produced. Current, because the barrel has a certain resistance value to generate heat.


Processing plastic bottles with fully automatic plastic blow molding machines This is a common processing project in plastic processing. So where are the important points to pay attention to in this process? What I want to tell you is temperature. The temperature is crucial for processing plastic bottles. When operating a plastic blow molding machine, you must pay attention to some temperature control to ensure the production of a suitable plastic bottle.

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