Global Pet Preform Industry Transferred To China

Update:10 Aug 2018

Industries that rely on the labor force, such as the pe […]

Industries that rely on the labor force, such as the pet preform industry, are constantly shifting to some Asian countries, and China is one of the countries most affected by foreign investment and choice. The development of pet preforms in China is also very fast. It constantly absorbs and learns foreign innovation and R&D technology, constantly updates its products, and makes China's plastic products industry more competitive in the world market. There is a broader market development space.

Fast-growing economies and strong manufacturing industries will make Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) the dominant force in the global PET market. A large part of the demand for PET comes from the Asia Pacific region, accounting for 40.6% of global PET demand in 2010. As China is rapidly becoming a global petrochemical manufacturing center, it is expected to increase to 47.8% by 2020. China's production has the advantage of relatively low operating costs. As a result, the country's PET capacity has increased significantly, accounting for nearly half of Asia's imports in 2010. China is expected to be the leader in the PET market in 2020 as major PET operators focus their business on the domestic market.

In all end-user applications of prefabricated parts, the dominant position of organized and unorganized sectors in the Chinese PET preform market varies. Among all the famous plastic processing enterprises in China, Jilian Plastic Mould is a good representative. This company is very professional in this aspect, has many years of development experience, and can meet the different needs of consumers. Provide more creative solutions and become more competitive in the market.


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