Different Parts of Blowing Moulding Machine

Update:26 Mar 2018

Feeding system The feeding system is a system that arra […]

Feeding system The feeding system is a system that arranges and moves the PET bottles from disorder to order. The preforms fall from the hopper into the guide rails under the effect of the hoisting machine. Due to the shape of the preforms, the bottles can be bottled. The billet has its tail facing upwards and its head facing downwards. It slides forward under its own gravity. Parts of the blank that failed to fall into the guide rails are returned to the hopper through the recovery conveyor belt under the action of the kick blank. In this way, the remaining preforms in the guideway are arranged in an orderly manner and enter the heating system under the action of their own gravity.

The role of the heating system: The preform is heated to give it a plasticity that facilitates pressure processing. The heating system is composed of a lamp, a reflector, a blowing device, a cooling device, and the like. The far-infrared lamp in the oven radiates heat to the preform. Due to the presence of the reflector, both sides of the preform are heated at the same time, and the preform rotates at the same time while moving forward, so that the heating is more uniform. The blower in the oven thermally circulates the system to make the temperature in the oven uniform. The role of the cooling device is to cool the bottle mouth so that the bottle mouth size is stable. In order to obtain a good product, it is very important to heat this process. To ensure proper heating temperature, the preform is heated evenly. If the temperature is too high, the bottle may appear scorched, white fog, too thin, or even cracked; if the temperature is too low, it may cause local accumulation of the bottle, whitening, or even cracking. If the temperature is not uniform, the bottle may be deformed or even broken.

The bottle blowing moulding machine system consists of a stretching device, a pre-blowing device, a blowing device, and an exhaust device. The preform is subjected to mechanical stretching under the action of a stretching bar, while pre-blowing while stretching, the bottle takes shape and is then blown, and finally the bottle is exhausted. The main role of pre-blowing is to make the material evenly distributed and easy to blow the bottle. The shape of the pre-blown bottle directly determines the ease of the blowing moulding machine process and the performance of the bottle. The shape of the normal pre-blow bottle is spindle-shaped.

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