Development Of The Modern Blowing Moulding Machine Industry

Update:22 Apr 2019

As the food industry continues to grow, the beverage pa […]

As the food industry continues to grow, the beverage packaging industry and other industries have also grown, which has also stimulated the development of the blowing moulding machine industry. At present, China's blowing moulding machine industry has three main problems:

First, the technology of the blowing moulding machine industry is not advanced enough. The development model of the plastic bottle blowing machine industry lags behind, and it is urgent to develop in the direction of green environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. Only by developing the blowing moulding machine industry around the tenet of “safety, health and environmental protection” can we ensure that the industry and the environment will be integrated into the 21st century with serious pollution, and the blowing moulding machine industry will be developed and expanded;

Second, the blowing moulding machine industry location is not balanced. At present, China's blowing moulding machine industry is mainly concentrated on Taizhou, Zhangzhou, Foshan and other places. The overall development in China is not balanced, which is not enough to realize the industrialization of blowing moulding machines. Blowing machines need to build a corporate brand. Only by branding the industry, the blowing machine can go global.

Third, the secondary use of the blowing machine. Because of the high price of the blowing moulding machine, the second-hand blowing moulding machine has become the first choice of small-scale enterprises. However, the quality of second-hand products cannot be guaranteed, and the production capacity cannot be guaranteed, which restricts the development of industry orders.

For domestic blowing moulding machine enterprises, they are currently facing the pain caused by industrial transformation and upgrading. How to quickly complete the upgrade requires finding a breakthrough point.

In the 21st century, energy has become a major topic in society. If the blowing moulding machine can reduce the original energy consumption and achieve green energy conservation while maintaining the original efficiency and quality, it will win the favor of a large number of plastic bottle enterprises. The machine will directly bring the most real cost savings and profit increase in the plastic bottle enterprise.

In addition, technological innovation is a flaw in China's blowing moulding machine industry. To improve its competitiveness, it must be inseparable from technical support.

At present, there are only two ways to expand the market for blowing moulding machines. One is to consolidate the domestic blowing moulding machine market, adopt foreign technology, improve domestic production technology, and expand the scale of the blowing moulding machine industry; second, go abroad. Blowing machines is labor-intensive industries, and countries with more labor cost advantages are selected to explore the market potential of the blowing moulding machine.

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