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Update:05 Oct 2018

At the end of the 30th century, the Pet material was di […]

At the end of the 30th century, the Pet material was discovered by chemists in the process of exploring new textile fibers. Later in 1941 ICI PET was invented by stretching a thin extruded sheet in two directions.
In the subsequent history and process, pet gradually changed into a Pet Preform that is now produced. In 1970, a hollow plastic part was made in a blow molding process. With the development of pet, the material of pet has been applied to more and more products. The containers made with this material are light, sturdy, durable and affordable, which makes the mold manufacturers continue to make progress.
In modern times, the technology of injection molding has become more popular, mainly because of its outstanding advantages, its ability to be used in mass production, and its production more precise, so there will be more and more mold makers. We will use injection molding to make pet preforms.
Injection molding works by opening the mandrel in the preform and allowing compressed air to pass therethrough. After the end of the cooling, the mold is opened so that the mandrel can be turned to the ejected position and the finished product is peeled off before being packaged. It also tests for quality, subsequent leaks, or any type of damage during the manufacturing process.
The pet preform and mold may have cavities depending on the size of the object. The mold manufacturing company is not only responsible for the development of the previous mold, but also responsible for the later development and manufacturing.

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