Cleaning Skills Of Blow Molding Machine

Update:17 Aug 2018

Blow molding machines are usually used to make hollow p […]

Blow molding machines are usually used to make hollow plastic bottles or utensils. If you want the blow molding machine to have a good working efficiency, besides doing a good job of supervision and inspection during the work, the cleaning function after that is even more indispensable. the cleaning of the blow molding machine mainly lies in cleaning the residual substances in the machine.
Even if the blow molding machine you bought is better, it is inevitable that some accidents will occur after repeated use of the machine, which may lead to a decrease in your work efficiency. The regular cleaning blow molding machine can effectively reduce machine downtime, reduce material waste, reduce container or part waste, and promote color and material conversion faster. Which is more beneficial to the subsequent work.
Generally speaking, the materials used to clean the blow molding machine are all mixtures of various compounds, including many basic resins, which can not only clean the blow molding machine, but also play a certain maintenance role. In the process of cleaning the blow molding machine, the safety of the operating personnel is the most important, and appropriate preventive measures must be taken according to the contents above the instruction manual. To start purging, raise the temperature of the mold by 35 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and then extrude any remaining resin from the system. Next, clean the feed throat and hopper. If the extruder is seriously polluted, always remove the screen to prevent clogging and remove the mold.
First, the cleaning compound is slowly fed into the hopper using the lowest screw speed. When the material comes out of the head, the speed is raised to the maximum but safe level. Stop the screw regularly and allow the compound to stand still for a few minutes. Then, it is only necessary to set the screw speed back to the maximum value. After eliminating all resin, color and / or contamination, set the extrusion mechanical parameters to normal, ensure the mold is in place, and add a new screen assembly.
The regular cleaning and blow molding machine is of great help to the service life of the blow molding machine and the efficiency in the blow molding process. therefore, customers who have bought our Jilin plastic mold blow molding machine must not forget the subsequent cleaning and maintenance work of the machine.

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