Blowing Moulding Machine Operating Specifications

Update:01 Apr 2019

The pet bottles in the market now have a variety of sty […]

The pet bottles in the market now have a variety of styles. The production of various pet bottles is inseparable from the blowing moulding machine. For the operation of the blowing moulding machinechine, it also needs certain specifications. How many operating specifications did you knows?

Before we start up every day, we must add a lubricant to each part of the machine to ensure proper operation of the part. For the swing arm, add it every four day, it does not need to be added every day. Don't worry about adding it once a month like the entire chain. For the accelerator of the main engine, the lack of oil of the reducer is also a place we often need to pay attention to. If these parts are in the situation, be sure to add them as soon as possible.

Secondly, all parts of the movement are solid parts. See if the screws are loose, especially in the case of some large impacts, which are prone to looseness, so be sure to start working again.

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