Blowing Moulding Machine Market Advantage

Update:17 Jun 2019

  PET hollow containers are widely used in the beverage […]

  PET hollow containers are widely used in the beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries due to their light weight, low price and high safety. They have attracted many manufacturers to choose PET containers instead of the previous glass containers. Nowadays, the advanced equipment, molds, and materials in the PET industry are all presented in front of us. New technologies and new applications are emerging one after another. Looking at the field of PET hollow molding is also fruitful. As global oil prices continue to rise, the price of plastic materials is also high, and the development of alternative products of low energy consumption and low material costs is one of the markets trends.

  The blowing moulding machine is a kind of equipment for making PET pellets into hollow containers by blow molding technology. Nowadays, the commonly used types of machines are hollow extrusion blowers, injection stretch blowing moulding machines, and newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blows and stretches. Blow molding. Most blowing moulding machines today are still two-step blowing moulding machines, that is, the PET material must first be made into a preform and then blown. Environmentally friendly PET is now commonly used in PET materials. blowing moulding machine: After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind blown out by the machine is used to blow the plastic body to a cavity of a certain shape, and then the product is made into a product. This machine is called a blowing moulding machine. The blowing moulding machine is also a type of blowing moulding machine, namely a hydraulic blowing moulding machine.

  The tubular PET parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of the thermoplastic resin is added to the split mold while hot, and compressed air is introduced into the parison immediately after the mold is closed, so that the PET parison is inflated and adhered to the inner wall of the mold. After being demolded by cool, various hollow articles are obtained.

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