Blow molding of Pet Preform Mould

Update:13 Aug 2019

At the beginning of the design of the PET bottle, the c […]

At the beginning of the design of the PET bottle, the container illustration has a machining allowance. The backflow shrinkage determined by the blow molding process should be included in the machining allowance. A 3D model of the individual components is formulated according to its composition, and a film of the pet preform mould shell or bottom of the bottle is completed, and necessary adjustments such as venting or length are performed.
The blow molding process of the pet preform molds uses a program-controlled high-speed milling machine to automatically and accurately pinpoint the desired bottle profile into the blown petted to preform mold. Milling aluminum shells have a tolerance of plus or minus five-hundredths of a millimeter, while a hair has a measured diameter of about two-tenths of a millimeter. Finally, the individual parts are tested together from the entire blow-molded pet preform mold to ensure quality.

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