Basic Knowledge Of Pet Preform Blow Molding

Update:10 Jun 2019

What does blow bottle in PET preform processing mean? I […]

What does blow bottle in PET preform processing mean? It is equivalent to blowing a balloon, but mold is added to the outside of the balloon while blowing the balloon. Of course, this intuitive explanation is too far-fetched.

PET preform blow molding can be divided into two categories, one is a pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with carbonated beverages; the other is a non-pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with water, tea, oil, and the like. The tea beverage bottle is a modified PET bottle blended with polyethylene naphthalalic (PEN) or a composite bottle of PET and thermoplastic poly acrylate. It is classified into a heated bottle and can be heat resistant to 80 ° C or higher; Cold bottles do not require heat resistance. The hot bottle is similar to the cold bottle in the forming process. The author mainly discusses the molding process of pressurized beverage bottles in cold bottles.

1, equipment

With the continuous advancement of technology and the scale of production, PET bottle blowing machines is becoming more and more automated, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher. Equipment production capacity continues to increase, from the previous production of thousands of bottles per hour to the current production of tens of thousands of bottles per hour. The operation has also evolved from the past manual button type of the current full computer control, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the process operation and increases the stability of the process.

2, blow molding process

PET bottles to blow molding process.

Important factors affecting the PET bottle blow molding process include to preforms, heating, pre-blowing, molds, and the environment.

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