Automation Is Essential For Pet Preform Molding

Update:07 Oct 2018

Today's pet preform manufacturing industry is rapidly e […]

Today's pet preform manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and there is a clear trend of automation, which not only reduces the cost of human error, but also improves the labor and other components of the energy process.
Automated technology is realized in the process of forming preforms for pet preforms, minimizing the actual operation of human beings, and the technology of robots can effectively improve the quality and value of business, products. That's why many mold makers in the market are now choosing to use automation. Through automation, it can simplify the production of pet preforms, make customers satisfied, and create more benefits for the company.
In the pet preform molding industry, the use of automation technology is often used to improve the efficiency of insert molding and overmolding processes. Before manual secondary machining, the robot can first distribute the insert molding process into the molding machine. In this way, the efficiency of production can be effectively improved, and the labor cost can also be reduced.
Robotics allows molders and operators to focus on what they can do. Workers no longer need to deal with the repetitive, time-consuming tasks required for long-running parts. Instead, they leave it to the robot and use their resources and time for a separate manual process, such as programming. This not only speeds up the process, makes better use of employees, but also reduces the risks associated with human error.
With many years of experience in the preforming industry, Jilian Plastics has a wealth of experience in the technology of pet preform molding automation. The automation technology we use has greatly improved the customer's satisfaction and the customers we have worked with. We all trust and recognize our company. Since the current automation technology has become an important part of the successful manufacturing of the mold, the selection of the Jilian mold can not only effectively improve the efficiency of product production, but also avoid numerous errors.

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