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Update:02 Apr 2018

The blowing molding machine consists of two parts. Each […]

The blowing molding machine consists of two parts. Each part has a cavity. When the mold closes, the external shape of the mold is defined. There is no core to define the inner shape because it is blown away by the air. Single cavity mold is used when used alone. When multiple parameters are used, multiple single cavity molds can be installed on the machine platform, or the multi-cavity mold can be required to meet the requirements. Depending on the geometry of the product and the blowing moulding machine process used, the details of the mold will vary greatly.

One of the most important applications of blowing moulding machine technology is the automobile industry, which is an industry with a large number of companies, so it is highly competitive. The great synergy between the automobile and the plastics industry has enabled these two industries to develop over the long term and to fully exploit the potential of this important market. These are replaced with plastic metal parts, greatly reduced the weight of the vehicle, reduce the cost of the parts produced highly complex geometry at the same time, improving the fuel consumption, heat resistance, durability, stability and reliability. Production assigned to this part of the market, including a large number of car companies, involved in all kinds of pipe material, such as pipe and fuel pipelines, underhood pipeline, water tank, oil tank, windshield washer tanks, tanks, tanks and urea headlight washing machine and a specific part of the platform and car seats.

The main focus of packaging is to ensure continuous high performance. Tank, barrel, IBC container, 2000 Lt tank, single layer and multi-layer material, all of which meet all the strength, function and safety standards. The techniques used are designed to control the entire process, and to give specific attention to weight factors and thickness. In fact, the current design and size of the containers produced on the ST blow. The most common plastic parts used to blowing molding are bottles. Some parts can be molded from spin to blowing molding. Common applications of blowing moulding machine include pipe work, oil tank, water tank, overflow bottle and recycle bin. Molding machine are closely studied to meet international and European standards.

The blowing moulding of technical items represents another interesting aspect of the plastics processing. Thanks to the technologically advanced solutions and to important developments in the field, we can provide blowing moulding machine for the production of mouldings which are technically functional and are cost effective in terms of more uniform wall thickness, lighter weight and lower production costs. Toys, garden tables, vessels, ducts for the electrical appliances sector are just some examples of the technical parts that can be produced with our blowing moulding machine.


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