Appearance To Determine Whether The Pet Bottle Preform Is Qualified

Update:23 Oct 2018

In recent years, frequent food safety incidents in Chin […]

In recent years, frequent food safety incidents in China have also caused panic among the people and greatly reduced their trust in Chinese food, so that they have to purchase overseas products through purchasing on behalf of others. Therefore, for food plastic bottle packaging, manufacturers should put people first and control good quality.
As a consumer, how to judge whether the bottle body is qualified from the appearance of food plastic bottle? First, observe whether the plastic bottle body is crystal clear, uniform in color, free of magazines visible to the naked eye, free of obvious color difference, bubbles, scratches, rigid materials, lack of materials, overflow materials, dark rings, stains and white mist. The surface is bright and clean, free from foreign bodies and pollution, and free from scratches on the inner and outer walls. The second is to observe that the plastic bottle end face should be smooth, the thread should be smooth and free of cracks, the crystal bottle mouth should be uniform in crystal shape, and the burrs of the clamping line should not exceed 0.13 mm; Finally, observe that the bottom of the plastic bottle is not more than 1.5 mm, no pinhole, dead white, and scratch are allowed, and the wire drawing is less than 5 mm ..
Food plastic bottles are the packaging materials that come into direct contact with food. Therefore, the quality of food plastic bottles is a major issue related to people's livelihood and food safety. During the two sessions, the country heard and saw the national concerns about food safety and believed that PET bottle preform industry will be more standardized and more strictly managed in the future.


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