Analysis Of The Development Of Pet Bottle Mould In China

Update:26 Aug 2019

  At present, China's pet bottle mold manufacturing ind […]

  At present, China's pet bottle mold manufacturing industry has formed certain advantages, and its industrial cluster development has obvious advantages. Compared with decentralized production, cluster production has the advantages of convenient cooperation, reduced cost, open market, and reduced environmental pollution area. Many advantages. The clustering of pet bottle molds and the geographical proximity of enterprises are conducive to the formation of a highly specialized and closely coordinated professional division of labor and cooperation system. The advantages of social division of labor are used to compensate for the uneconomical defects of SMEs, effectively reducing production costs and transaction costs; Industrial clusters enable enterprises to make full use of their location, resources, material technology foundation, division of labor system, production and sales network, etc., to gather together and develop in a rolling manner, which provides conditions for the formation of professional markets in the region; Enterprises can often win in price and quality, deliver on schedule, increase the number of chips in the negotiation, and help expand the international market. With the development of technology and changes in demand, the process is increasingly highly specialized, and pet bottle molds are clustered into specialized production. Businesses offer great opportunities for survival, and they also enable them to achieve scale production. The two form a virtuous circle and continuously improve the overall production efficiency of the enterprise cluster.

  The development of China's pet bottle mold manufacturing industry has its characteristics. The regional development is unbalanced. For a long time, the development of China's pet bottle mould industry has been uneven in geographical distribution. The southeast coastal areas are developing faster than the central and western regions. The southern development is faster than the north. The most concentrated areas for pet bottle mold production are In the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the production value of pet bottle molds accounts for more than two-thirds of the national output value; China's pet bottle mold industry is expanding from the more developed Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions to the inland and north, and appears in the industrial layout. Some new pet bottle mold production areas are concentrated, there are Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Changsha, Chengyu, Wuhan, Yuzhong, the development of pet bottle molds has become a new feature, pet bottle mold park (city, gathering place, etc.) Emerge. With the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of local industries, all localities have paid more attention to the development of the pet bottle mold industry. The trend of the adjustment of the pet bottle mold industry in China has become clear, and the division of labor among various industrial clusters has become more and more detailed.

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