Advantages Of Jilian Blowing Moulding Machine

Update:05 Aug 2019

  1. Saving energy   The traditional hydraulic transmis […]

  1. Saving energy

  The traditional hydraulic transmission machinery needs to pass through the oil passage to complete all the movements, so it is inevitable that there is loss of oil pressure control loss, tube loss, valve resistance, etc., as well as volumetric power of the pump, loss of conflict, and the like. This energy loss is particularly significant at high flow rates. Jilian mold blowing moulding machine servo motor works without loss of operation, loss of control, low hysteresis loss; and does not roll during standby, so the energy consumption is low, and has nothing to do with speed. The Jilian Mold blowing moulding machine converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into a linear motion, and the conflict resistance of the ball screw is much lower than that of the hydraulic cylinder without any cooling system; thus the power far exceeds the hydraulic machinery.

  2. Clean, low noise

  The primary brake component of the Jilian Molding blowing moulding machine is the communication synchronous servo motor. The servo motor's control characteristics are low noise, low inertia, low activation resistance, simple acceleration and deceleration characteristics, no hydraulic pump pulse doubts, bubbles, pressure relief sounds, etc. in the hydraulic system, so it is easier to set the activation. And abort the slope, the activation oscillation is low.

  3. The speed control is wide and the echo is good.

  Compared with the hydraulic blowing moulding machine, the Jilian plastic blowing moulding machine uses a servo motor; therefore, its speed control characteristics are good, the scale is large, and the difference between high and low speed is nearly 1000 times. Together, the injection pressure and the injection speed controlled by the servo motor are very short, and the change from high speed to low speed has a very high echo characteristic, which is particularly suitable for small finished products and short injection strokes.

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