A Brief Introduction To Pet Preforms

Update:15 Jul 2019

The quality of PET bottles depends on the quality of th […]

The quality of PET bottles depends on the quality of the PET preforms supplied. PET preforms are divided into two types, one is a long rubber mouth and the other is a short rubber mouth. Domestic PET preforms manufacturers use more short-mouth PET preforms, while foreign countries use more long-term glue. The PET preforms of the long rubber mouth is cut off due to the bottom rubber mouth, and the tension is evenly distributed among the blowing of the PET bottle, so that the quality of the blown PET bottle is better, and the cut portion can be recycled, which is beneficial to save. Raw material costs, in today's increasingly scarce petroleum resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to PET bottles.

The quality control of the PET preforms during the production process depends on the degree to which the PET preforms is prevented from being scratched during transport. The PET preforms is the prototype of the PET PET bottle. It has a thick wall and high transparency. It can be sealed with a normal PETPET bottle cap, plus the advantages of being able to stand on the table and can be replaced. The use of test tubes.

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